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At UNITY we believe the technology around you should make life more comfortable. It should make your homes more enjoyable and secure places to be, and spend time with family & friends, and help promote your health and wellbeing. It should make the places you work in more productive, where it’s easier to do what you do best. Elegant technology that's super-easy to use and control, enables you to spend more time on what’s important, and less on what isn’t.

Established in 2004 and based in London's Kensington district, we design, install and look after elegant, integrated technology to enhance your quality of life. We’re experts in integrated technology systems, also known as ‘Smart Homes’, ‘Home Automation’ and ‘Home Integration’. Among our clients are individual clients and families, architects, interior designers and property developers.

With over 15 years of experience, we can introduce the best technology to your world for you to enjoy, and effortlessly control. From entertainment, audio-visual and immersive home-cinema, to lighting, heating, climate, security and beyond. We pay individual attention to your requirements and desires during design and installation, and we provide exemplary aftercare. Every project is different, because everybody is different, so we strive to give you just what you wanted.

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